NPS model enhanced with other borrower data
NPS model enhanced with other borrower data

Integrating Comprehensive Borrower Insights to Refine NPS Analysis

Enhance the traditional Net Promoter Score (NPS) model by incorporating a wide range of borrower data from servicing and origination systems. This enhanced model provides a deeper analysis of customer satisfaction by linking NPS responses with specific borrower interactions, transaction histories, and demographic data. The integration of these data points allows for a nuanced understanding of what drives borrower satisfaction and loyalty.
The enriched NPS model provides lenders with actionable insights into the drivers of customer satisfaction, enabling them to address areas of concern and replicate successful interactions. This approach helps in pinpointing the exact reasons behind borrower satisfaction or dissatisfaction, leading to more effective strategy adjustments and service improvements. As a result, lenders can increase overall customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, strengthening their market position and customer base.
Optimizing Broker Performance
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